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Who we are

We are a real estate development company, mainly in the residential sector. Most of our designs are based on a modern contemporary setup. Our company does not offer design services, but our properties are listed with local agents and brokers.

Homes designed with nature in mind

Designed with nature in mind

Each property whether residential or commercial is designed with nature in mind, bringing the outside inside.

Incorporating nature and its beauty
Create open environments
Have a tranquil feel
Use rich natural materials
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What we do

We design and develop residential real estate, and manage commercial facilities. We do not offer design services. Our properties are listed with local brokers where they are developed.

Our process

Belle Alan Group develops properties with a simple step by step process


Utilizing potential lending, cash and other resources, we acquire land that we think works well with our usual designs.


We work with local architects and interior designers to sketch our ideas for land we’ve acquired.


We hire contractors to bring our work to life. In some cases revisions to the designs are done.


Now we start any demolition necessary and then the construction begins.


Once construction is complete, we work with real estate agents to place the property on the market.


Once in escrow, we relinquish ownership of the property and this process starts all over again.

Contractors, Real Estate Agents & Architects

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